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With /e, the replacement string is a PHP expression.So when you use a backreference in the replacement expression, you need to put the backreference inside quotes, or otherwise it would be interpreted as PHP where you can find a soulmate or just meet new friends. is a totally free online dating service, all our services and features are without charges. - Post your own personal ad - Search profiles - Contact anyone for free - Receive letters from others - It's all 100% free Many other online dating services that promise it all free and then charge you for contacting other members, advanced search, etc.It is easiest to use a separate processing function, and do the replacing there (i.e.use "my_processing_function('\1')" or something similar as replacement expression, and do the fixing in that function)[email protected]#$%^&()`~\[\];:\'\", People using functions like scandir with user input and protecting against "../" by using preg_replace make sure you run ir recursivly untill preg_match no-long finds it, because if you don't the following can happen.

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People using the /e modifier with preg_replace should be aware of the following weird behaviour.Match 1 or 0 times Match exactly n times Match at least n times Match at least n but not more than m times More Special Character Stuff\t tab (HT, TAB)\n newline (LF, NL)\r return (CR)\f form feed (FF)\a alarm (bell) (BEL)\e escape (think troff) (ESC)3 octal char (think of a PDP-11)\x1B hex char\c[ control char\l lowercase next char (think vi)\u uppercase next char (think vi)\L lowercase till \E (think vi)\U uppercase till \E (think vi)\E end case modification (think vi)\Q quote (disable) pattern metacharacters till \EEven More Special Characters\w Match a "word" character (alphanumeric plus "_")\W Match a non-word character\s Match a whitespace character\S Match a non-whitespace character\d Match a digit character\D Match a non-digit character\b Match a word boundary\B Match a non-(word boundary)\A Match only at beginning of string\Z Match only at end of string, or before newline at the end\z Match only at end of string\G Match only where previous m//g left off (works only with /g) If you want to catch characters, as well european, russian, chinese, japanese, korean of whatever, just :- use mb_internal_encoding('UTF-8');- use preg_replace('`...`u', '...', $string) with the u (unicode) modifier For further information, the complete list of preg_* modifiers could be found at : you have issues where preg_replace returns an empty string, please take a look at these two ini parameters:pcre.backtrack_limitpcre.recursion_limit The default is set to 100K.

Three years since his Kazakhstani alter ego, Borat, toured Middle America exposing staggering levels of misogyny, anti-Semitism, and public ignorance. This summer, Baron Cohen will complete his trio of "mockumentary" films with a movie following the flamboyant exploits of Brüno, an outrageously camp fashion reporter from Klagenfurt, whose "Mein Space" page proudly declares: "If I vas a Starbucks drink, ich vould be a tall, skinny Austrian mit a great personality und a really big brains." The film boasts the extended title Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt. Firstly, Brüno's preposterous vanity will expose the excesses of a fashion industry (and celebrity culture) obsessed with body image and consumerism.… continue reading »

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“All kinds of people are doing it,” says Caploe, 54, a publisher who lives in New York City.… continue reading »

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While Kim's in South Beach shooting the second season of Kim's fame and crazy busy schedule have been an ongoing source of conflict for the couple, who reunited last August after a quick breakup.… continue reading »

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