Dating sagittarius woman

18-Oct-2016 07:36

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While her oomph will keep the relationship bubbling, a Sagittarius woman’s energy also has a flip side.

As soon as she gulps down a few vodka shots, she will hit the dance floor and you must flow along with her.

“The road not taken” is a phrase that this woman takes literally.

A Sagittarius woman in love will expect her man to share her interest in becoming a ‘Roving Snail’! Meeting new people and seeing sights never seen before are good enough baits for Sagittarius women in love.

Next, she will want you to drive her to the beach where she will ask you to play volleyball with her until the dawn breaks.

Sagittarius women have immense stamina and can go on hopping from one place to another.

Yes, if life was , a Sagittarius woman would be the rabbit!

However, you must make sure that all this is not against what you like doing, because a Sagittarius woman in love becomes more sensitive than usual and as such would be upset if you aren’t joining in on the fun as well.

Now, once you are a couple, you must take her on frequent trips (even if short), and I am not talking about family visit to Grandma’s place!

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