Dating tin cans

25-Aug-2017 01:29

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This is a dead giveaway of the canned food expiration date hoax. Did you know that the excavation of canned goods over 100 years old, proved to be completely safe to eat?In 1865, a steamboat loaded with canned provisions left port for the mining camps in Montana.Keeping any food fresh past their typical shelf life depends on the conditions in which you keep these emergency food items stored.Sure, many people say there’s no issue to buy cans with dents.As you might with a loaf of bread or gallon of milk.Choose the cans from the back of the grocery store shelves that have the very furthest out “best by” dates.Among the provisions were cans of plum tomatoes, mixed vegetables, peaches, oysters, and honey.

If enough people did that, then the food manufacturers are hurting their repeat sales volumes.

OK so now you know expiration dates are essentially meaningless when it comes to canned food. If you are stockpiling food for SHTF, then it is important to know which canned foods give you the most bang for your buck.

If you are going to invest in canned goods then it is best to check the “best by” dates when purchasing.

This doesn’t mean that you have to discard them the day they expire.

It’s just selecting the newest and freshest product available at that time of purchase. I highly recommend the Mountain House #10 can series.

You want to control the humidity in your storage environment.

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