Dating tips for women in their 20s

15-Jun-2017 02:41

Get rid of your skinny jeans, they're an unnecessary struggle. Be accepting to your fellow women who are all just trying to do their best. Don't feel badly about falling out of touch with everyone.

Sometimes the few friends who stick around are who you'll really grow with and depend on for years to come. Don't judge older women for spending money on eye cream and other expensive facial products.

Instead, I rang in my 30th year shaky and worn, trying not to cry into a bowl of ramen before passing out cold at pm.

I was three months pregnant and terrified that I was in no way adult enough to be someone's mom.

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Sitting in your room and thinking about the million different reasons why he isn't getting in touch will not help!

Even out of the worst date, if nothing else, at least you can get a great story!

You may not end up with everyone you meet for a date, obviously, but sometimes, you can end up making a good friend.

Your alone or single time is important here because that's when you can truly take the time to understand yourself and what you want in a partner and from life.

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Your single time should be all about improving yourself and should not be wasted fearing what the future holds. Do Not Jump Into A Relationship Unless you've met the person enough times and taken your time to understand them, suggesting a relationship should be out of the question.

You're not a mind reader, you can't guess what he's thinking.