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But after more than a decade of doctrinal change and with WCG leaders in the last two years having come out of the closet about their increasing contacts with what Worldwiders used to call "the religions of the world," such a prayer service is now considered, well, "normal" by the WCG headquarters congregation.The May 2 event was not a token sop to the spirit of ecumenism.), there is similarly a possibility we will someday see some kind of globalization of religion.Such speculation is no longer the province of small apocalyptic sects.To them, it seems a betrayal of a divine trust and a threat to religious identity.Some people join fundamentalist sects to find certainty in a world where nothing seems sacred. Published as a Christian service almost quarterly - as finances allow.In the 21st century, people of all faiths will have to decide whether to embrace the new globalization by expressing it in religious terms or to react vehemently against it and retreat into denominational ghettos. has been doing is so strange, so contrary to the successful money-making formulas laid down by HWA, that it is difficult to see any other kind of rationale behind what is occurring.Putting aside the many obvious questions of global import raised by the above statement, it appears that the central spiritual issues now being faced by the world's major religions are not that much different than those now being faced, albeit on a smaller scale, by the WCG and its daughter churches. A good example is the "new Plain Truth." As we reported in our last issue, the plan to put a price tag on the formerly free magazine resulted in a monstrous drop in circulation.

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Where once Catholic interfaith dialogue largely meant conversation with Jews, mainline Protestant and Eastern Orthodox Christians, today it also means growing relationships with Muslims and evangelical Protestants.

What was most interesting, however, were Karen Armstrong's final comments: But Mr.