Dating violence advice parents

07-Apr-2017 18:21

When they start to grow up, they also start to form attachments to members of the opposite sex.While most parents would love their children to stay little forever, eventually the issue of dating will come up.But the reality of dating violence is that it doesn’t begin the moment someone hits or gets hit.I’ve seen lots of kids get involved in toxic relationships in middle school.Whether your middle schooler is “dating” or not (and dating, by the way, might involve little more than texting and adding the name of your girlfriend/boyfriend to your Instagram bio), now is a good time to begin talking about abuse of power.

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If you’re the parent of a middle schooler, your reaction may be similar to my initial reaction, “Thank God I don’t have to worry about that.”In my work with middle schoolers and their parents, I’ve found that most kids and adults don’t believe dating violence is an issue for kids this young.

Many parents of Christian teens feel some anxiety when their teen goes off on a first date. If you trust your teen to date, then you need to let go a little bit. If it helps, offer your teenager a cell phone so he or she can call you if needed.