Dating ways

02-Dec-2017 17:33

Plus, if someone opts not to message you back because they don’t like your style of hamming it up, that’s fine—you probably wouldn’t get along with them anyway. No one wants to read a 1,200-word essay on your childhood.

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Then, assess if you feel you can trust the person before you “go there,” Fisher says, noting that a healthy level of closeness requires time (read: numerous dates) to develop.

But these aren’t the only reasons you should listen to what a date’s saying.

If you’re tuned out or otherwise disengaged during first encounters and beyond, you’ll derive as little satisfaction as the person you’re ignoring simply by failing to be present in the moment.

Avoid generalizations and be specific to stand out from the rest of the online crowd: “Instead of ‘I love to travel,’ say where you’ve traveled, how often you travel, if you do it for work or for pleasure, or where you’d like to go in the future,” she suggests.

Having lots of options is great, but the more choices we have, the less likely we are to make a (satisfying) decision, studies confirm.

Also, express interest in what the other person is saying: "Oh, that's interesting you work in finance. " or "Very cool about your meditation practice—what do you like most about it?

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