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08-Dec-2017 15:36

This movie has the same effect on a viewers intellect as does junk food on his body. And with enough Whoppers and curly fries like this one one could become brain dead.Hollywood really should put warning labels on these prepackaged cookie-cutter action movies "This movie may kill your brain cells!

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Sexting no creditcard ever

In the short film, Xander is played by Vin Diesel's stunt double Khristian Lupo (who never shows his face or speaks) while reusing some archival lines spoken by Diesel. Can someone tell me, how common is it for guys to sign their texts with "x"? SOmeone told me it did, but then someone else told me it probably means the signature.I heard Brits use the "x" a lot though just to mean kiss, and that they may use it even on texts to friends.Stunned that I was about to see a Vin Diesel (have nothing personal against him but I found that odds are high that if he is in a movie I won't like it, especially after the dreaded "Man Apart") movie I almost got up to leave. Sitting through the first few minutes I saw names that I liked--Ice Cube and Samuel L. A tyrannical Secretary of Defense who wants to kill everyone, starting with the President, in order of succession so he can lead the country?

A crew of DC thugs who come to the rescue of the country so they can live in a country where they are "free to jack cars"? government and assassinate the President, led by Secretary of Defense and former 4-Star General George Deckert, Stone's former commanding officer whom he once led a mutiny against.

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