Developing and validating a questionnaire to measure spirituality disadvantages of dating married women

01-Apr-2017 10:02

It is not related to one aspect of an individual but is spread across the whole being (Iqbal, 2006).

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Religious Personality represents the obligatory worship, righteous works as enjoined by Islamic teachings (which is the expression of one’s (worship) inspired by the sense of servitude for God as well as the religiously guided behavior towards God’s creatures and Islamic character (morality) stemming from Islamic traditional belief system.Furthermore with regard to Islamic spirituality, Abu-Raiya and Pargament (2010) found that most of the research conducted on Islamic spirituality/religiosity have used either a single variable to measure religiousness, or are translations or adaptation of a western tool based on Judeo-Christian spirituality, which may render their use with the Muslim population somewhat ineffective.The other tools, which have utilized a number of items and are grounded in Islamic perspective, either measure single dimension (such as religious practices or moral values) or have reported inadequate psychometric properties.These tenets are believed to include benefits for the believers; for example, it has been found that Islamic prayer can help to buffer against stress, enhance personal wellbeing, foster a sense of closeness to God, facilitate problem solving, and promote self-discipline (Henry, 2013).

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However, Islam emphasizes sincerity as the cornerstone for every belief and act.

Domains like self-discipline and quest and search for divinity were not addressed in the questionnaire.

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