Dns is not updating

18-Nov-2016 09:58

This might result in the client attempting to register an incorrect or unintended DNS domain name.For example, the client might be attempting to register its short or unqualified computer or host name as a top-level domain name in the root zone.At the DNS server that loads the applicable primary zone, modify zone properties to allow updates. If you are using Active Directory–integrated zones, verify that the DNS server is running as a domain controller and that it has access to the Active Directory database where zone data is stored. If you are trying to determine which server is the primary server for a standard zone, review zone authority records to determine which server is referenced in both the start of authority (SOA) and name server (NS) resource records for the zone.

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For computers running earlier versions of Windows, you can use the options of the ipconfig command to verify, view, or renew the client TCP/IP configuration details as appropriate.

If the DHCP server succeeds in performing the update with the DNS server, the result is an updated DNS host name and updated IP address information for the client computer in the DNS database.