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20-Apr-2017 18:51

Fresh off his surprise bad-guy turn in last year's Interstellar, Matt Damon returns to space in the sci-fi survival flick, The Martian.Matt plays Mark Watney, a botanist-turned-astronaut sent to Mars to help cultivate a sustainable food source.But reports say that restaurants and bars that serve liquor may be allowed to designate specific areas inside or outdoors as marijuana-friendly. Thanks Angie, they certainly do things differently in Colorado, don't they? Okay, so we heard from Kat about The Martian, she gave it her nerd-SEAL of approval.

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Of course, when it comes to sci-fi, I trust Kat's judgement above all else so let's hear what SHE has to say!Director Ridley Scott helms this one and is no stranger to space - he was behind the classic film Alien as well as 2012's Prometheus.