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13-Jun-2016 03:50

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For the sake of time, we will summate Paul’s mandate as requiring the women to respect and revere her husband as she would the Lord and the husband is to love his wife, even to the point of death, in the same way that Christ expressed His sacrificial love for the Church. As much as it is revealed that marriage is not a selfish endeavor, the vast majority of individuals enter into marriage seeking what they may gain instead of what they may give.What we see in this command is that both, the husband and the wife, are called to the selfless act of considering their mate before considering themselves. The true design of marriage has become perverted to be a self-seeking platform for comfort, convenience and procreation.

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You cannot have an ongoing situation in which continued consistent contact is present without developing a connection.The problem is that these connections are developed with no sense of commitment, meaning that at any point either party can simply decide that they no longer want to be involved with the other and just walk away.

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