Dual optic accommodating lenses

03-Feb-2017 00:36

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rafa , Juliette, I got myself a pair of myodisc glasses from Zenni. Can anyone advise where I can purchase 'Good' quality myodisc glasses? With your family's interest in glasses and your history of moving to a very low prescription I can see the danger in showing up with a significant prescription one day.

They are minus 20, which is as high as they make them at Zenni. Suggestions would be appreciated , Hi, probably a little off topic, but I couldn't find a more suitable thread to ask this. I suppose I'm lucky nobody in my family has a special interest in glasses and they all know I am a full time wearer.

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If somebody would ask me, why I am wearing glasses PLUS contact lenses, I would just say, that the lenses are soaked with an antibiotic medication, this is my idea at least.

One remark only: I feel, that the contact lenses on the eyes are much easier to detect with plus glasses, as they have a substantial magnifying effect.