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23-May-2017 15:44

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Her second marriage, to businessman Harry Karl, lasted from 1960 to 1973, but his gambling and bad investments landed her in deep financial trouble, while her third marriage, to property developer Richard Hamlet, was even more unfortunate.She was forced to declare bankruptcy in 1997 because a small hotel and casino they had bought in Las Vegas failed resoundingly.Yesterday I had six hours of tests just to be sure I’m ready for a tough tour like this. We start in Norwich and we’ll do a show, get on the bus, go to the next theatre, do another show and so on.It’ll be like the old days bus and truck.” A trim, petite Debbie Reynolds, looking 15 years younger than her age, had greeted me at the gate of the six-acre compound where she and her daughter, the writer-actress Carrie Fisher, live in separate homes but share a common driveway and custody of a fluffy white dog named Dwight.“I’ve been very unlucky in the love department so I’ve eliminated that from my vocabulary.

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Framed photographs line the walls and take up every available surface and every one evokes a memory. Lana Turner and Ava Gardner were my special friends at MGM.

“I suppose it happens to many women but unfortunately it had already happened to me before,” she says without apparent bitterness.

“Harry Karl cost me about million, which was the biggest hurt of my life until I met my third husband.

“I love to get up and entertain at parties and I love to sing and get on the piano and Shirley put a lot of my traits in the part, but I don’t have the disease of alcoholism, thank God,” she says. I don’t even like vodka.” Reynolds recently returned from a six-week stint in New York while Carrie was on Broadway with her one-woman show, Wishful Drinking, which takes satirical jabs at Hollywood.

Carrie, who became famous around the world as Princess Leia in Star Wars, has had serious problems for most of her adult life.

She was one of the few females, along with Shirley Mac Laine and Phyllis Maguire, whom Frank Sinatra allowed to join his Rat Pack parties when she played Las Vegas.

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