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The Eclipse IDE can be viewed as a special Eclipse application with the focus on supporting software development.For example, the Java development tools (JDT) provide the functionality to develop Java applications.Finally, the user launches the generation of the initialization C code based on the selected configuration.This code is ready to be used within several development environments. Parts are user interface components which allow you to navigate and modify data.Parts can be stacked or positioned next to each other depending on the container into which they are dropped.STM32Cube MX is an extension of the existing Micro Xplorer tool.

The user must then configure each required embedded software thanks to a pinout-conflict solver, a clock-tree setting helper, a power-consumption calculator, and a utility performing MCU peripheral configuration (GPIO, USART,...) and middleware stacks (USB, TCP/IP,...).An Eclipse RCP application consists of individual software components.Eclipse applications are based on some basic components, other components use them and provided extended functionality on top of them.The following exercise demonstrates how to create an Eclipse RCP application based on a template.

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It also shows how to start the application via the Eclipse IDE.

is one implementation of the OSGi specification and is used by the Eclipse platform as its runtime.