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Regards, kcbuck There is no Epiphone "Les Paul Limited Edition" listed in the Blue Book.

What is the exact model name or the model identification letters?

If the guitar was made in China, it will be denoted with a "DW," which stands for Dae Won; an "EA" or "EE," which stand for Gibson's Qingdao factory; an "MC," which stands for Muse; a "SJ" for Sae Jung; a "Z," which represents Zaozhuang Saehan; or a "BW," which just stands for China itself.

If the guitar was made in Japan, the letters printed to represent it are either a "F" for Fuji Gen or a "J" or "T," which stand for Terada.

Around this time, the serial numbers became a bit unpredictable, as they were figuring out a new system. Bolt-neck models started having the serial number engraved into the neckplate in 1987.

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/topic/54419-id-your-epiphone-here-serial-key-guitardater-link-factory-codes-a-worldwide-guide-part-3/page__st__380__p__968094#entry968094 The Guitar serial dater isn't that accurate and there are many 'Fake' Epiphone's and Gibson's out there that have serial numbers that fit the description but in fact are Fakes from China. KC It appears there is a Limited edition Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul on this page (The Trans Blue LP) I'm not sure what 'Limited Edition' really means in the true context.

The serial number will generally be nine to 10 digits long, with the first being a letter. This letter represents in which country the guitar comes from, as well as the company who manufactured it.