Episode 14 radioisotope dating an evolutionists best friend wmv

11-Jul-2016 06:17

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6) Being here gives me a much better appreciation for many Bible characters who suffered for doing right.Abel, Joseph in Egypt, John on the Isle of Patmos, Job, Daniel, Jeremiah, Shadrach, Peter, Paul, and Stephen, just to name a few, and millions of other Christians in the last 2000 years.I am meeting people here that I would probably never had met, had I not been sent here. Paul’s letters written from jail will mean much more to me now.Reading them shows us that nearly everyone forsook him, and most of his needs for physical comfort were ignored.

Even though I am not out preaching, there are still many thousands creation tapes and DVD’s circling the globe and winning souls.We have donated many hundreds over the years and have seen many saved.This experience will change me for the good forever.Our office has a list of men that you could minister to as a pen pal.

I will encourage everyone to get a prisoner pen-pal and donate the creation videos to their local prisons.Dinosaur Adventure Land is still open at this time with the winter park hours of Thursday through Saturday, and our dedicated staff keeps working on new tools to win souls.