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14-Aug-2017 22:34

Well I had a Monday off and deided to what else drink and have fun with my husband and some friends.

I was drinking Coors Light which never gets me drunk but this time It did a pretty good job.

Here you get 7 hours from each couple with them at home, talking to the camera, intorducing themselves and their lives. We thought it was just a one time deal after that nite..things continued to escalate w/her friend and my wife has slept over at her house and they fooled around (which i dont mind at all) also we recently had ...

So "Mister rich" dared me after seeing my last post to drop my towel while getting out of the shower and take a few pics with me in a towel.

well we had this guy over at our house showing us a vacuum cleaner and a cute guy ...These pictures were from just a regular day of the week.