Error checksum mismatch while updating svn

10-Jul-2017 07:11

error checksum mismatch while updating svn-55


It is absolutely necessary to have root access to the SVN respository.That is not only through the svnadmin command, but full command line access to the files, particularly to the “repos” directory.When SVN 1.8 gets released in a couple of months, will IDEA have decent SVN 1.7 support by then?Will we have to wait for another year then to get 1.8 support?In other cases, however, the affected file might be in the repository for many revisions before you realize it.

But what happens if you accidentally commit a password or other sensitive information to a repository?

Lately I'm getting more and more frustrated with the lack of decent Subversion support in IDEA.

Ever since 11.1 (introducing SVN 1.7 support, with newer SVNKit versions, ...) there have been so many issues [1] that it's hard to keep working.

But what I don't understand is why Jetbrains as a company does not put more effort into this (freeing up resources to work on this, maybe work closer together with the SVNKit team to get your SVN plugin really rock-solid, hiring additional experts, ...), thereby causing major problems for a lot of its customers.

Please address this situation and get us some SVN integration that works, so we can again start to trust our IDE.[1] Some of the most destabilizing issues:[2] IDEA 11.1.3 (released July 26th) was shipped with version r9277_v20120530_1958 of SVNKit (snapshot build of May 30th).

I'd like to point out that: Still, these disruptive issues do not get fixed, and Jetbrains keeps shipping releases of IDEA with outdated snapshot builds of SVNKit [2].

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