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25-Aug-2017 11:43

The public has made clear that will not leave the future of its digital public space to big telco lobbyists, but wants to decide for itself.To that end, civil society has to stay watchful and observe that telecom operators don’t violate the new principles.Visit The EU telecom regulators gathered within the Body of European Regulators of Electronic Communication (BEREC) was tasked to write Guidelines for the unified EU harmonising the implementation and enforcement of the net neutrality Regulation.For this step, the campaign citizens could write their opinion on net neutrality in the form of a questionnaire and send it to their regulator.Save The wants to thank everyone who participated in this outstanding effort to protect the free, open Internet! This is the first verison of which offered tools to contact Members of the European Parliament via fax, phone and e-mail to convince them to uphold net neutrality in the Telecom Single Market regulation.

Usually unknown negotiators appointed by governments meet in secret without keeping track of official documentation.The consultation came as the final step of a legislative process that was launched in September 2013.