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That stops Excel from interpreting it as a date (quotes around the dates do not help). As there is no native Win utility to do the editing, I would have to install grep on the customer's PC. If you were to record a date in the DD/MM/YYYY format, excel would interpret it in a MM/DD/YYYY format.So 05/06/2012 would be meant as June 5, 2012, however Excel would interpret it as May 6, 2012.Similarly, if you were to enter 13/12/2012, where you meant Dec 13, 2012, Excel would not recognize the date at all, as there is no month 13.In order to correct this problem, I have devised a formula that will flip the first two date numbers around.To add a number of hours, minutes and/or seconds, use the TIME function.Note: Excel adds 2 hours, 10 1 = 11 minutes and 70 - 60 = 10 seconds.The most tricky part is in a data such as 1/1/10 the second "/" could be as early as the 4th chr, where in a date like 10/10/10 the first "/" is the 3rd, where the second is the 6th chr.We need a way to tell the first and second "/" apart.

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Then it does the same for the Left Value (Us month) using ' LEFT'.

Then finally starting with ' IF(ISERR' it checks to see it "/" is contained in the last 3 char (using RIGHT).