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One critique of this model is that it doesn't account for the fact that many people assigned female sex can sometimes move from arousal to orgasm (skipping plateau), for example.

Another flaw in the model is that it doesn't account for interpersonal issues, like safety and satisfaction in relationships.

We wouldn't care that it all tasted the same, and we'd never crave any one particular food or another.

We would all like to eat the exact same kinds of things, and we'd all be perfectly happy with that all the time.

The Masters and Johnson model of sexual response (one which has been well supported over time, but isn't always right for everyone) explains that any sexual experience, for people of any gender, will involve some or all of five different basic stages, often called sexual desire, arousal, the plateau phase, orgasm and resolution.

None of these stages are superior to others, and all should be pleasurable.

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Our sexual appetites, impulses, and responses aren't out of our understanding or control.For each of them, the stage proceeding can be vital to moving on to the next one.