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Anyway time went on and then one night we met this guy and there was obviously sexual chemistry between the two of them and though my heart was sinking I did pull my wife to one side and say if there is a chance just take it.He became a good friend and one night when I was out they shared a moment but she wasn’t feeling well. I brought up swinging again and this time she agreed to join a site.The door bell rang and I let in this attractive looking guy into my house. I came three times by my own hand before I fell asleep. I walked to the hotel and went straight to the desk. Allen called and instructed me to give you the key to his room.” Now I was beginning to feel a little like one of Heidi Fleiss’s two-grand-a-day call girls who catered to the rich and powerful in Hollywood. I just didn’t think they’d take me seriously if they saw me just as a piece of meat with a tight little pink pussy. I look back on those days and I realize how many opportunities I missed to suck all that corporate cock.I showed him the front room and he sat on the sofa, my wife was sitting on the arm of the chair and we start chatting. She writes me and tells me about it because she knows it gets me off. Just as I drifted off I thought, I have to meet the guy from the conference. By: dunross Stunning Hotwife Jackie is back with another story of a horny encounter with more random cock. This is what’s known as “crunch time” in my business and as my boss says, “If your hormones are out of whack take a prozac.” Myself, I prefer a more natural form of feel-good drug. “So good to have you back Senora,” the desk man said. I guess you could say I was a tight ass, one of those chicks you might know from the office that seem stand-offish and cold, and the guys probably joke about her when they’re out for a beer together after work, how she probably just needs to get laid in a big way. Whoever said that you mustn’t mix business with pleasure just never had the chance to stick his fingers up his colleague’s wet pussy and hear her purrr like the minx that she really is. Opening your legs to your co-worker really promotes harmony in the work-place. Never touch the stuff myself, and since I started doing “favors” for my clients my boss seems happier with my work.Finally one night I asked her about her fantasies and she told me she’d never had a mmf. He was wearing a very sexy black wife-beater underneath that starched shirt. I stood up and did what I’d been dying to do all afternoon, I squeezed his arms and they were good, reeeeeally good. I reached down and felt what I knew was an amazing hard-on in his pants.

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I was hoping to find some randy wife that loved cock and cum that I could fuck. My wife was married when I met her so she wasn’t averse to cheating but she’d been adamant that she was going to be faithful to me but our new friend had seriously eroded that earlier determination.I also got the camera and placed it to hand as I had convinced her that we needed more pics if we were going to get anywhere on the site. I immediately made myself at home on the bed and waited for my sexy executive to come and have his way with me. I was kind of shy about expressing myself back then.