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Here are the highlights: The Acting Is Good (For Real) The iconic Marilyn Monroe is a hard character to pull off — you want to do the sexpot justice without verging into caricature.

Garner played Monroe with nuance and subtlety, nailing both the voice and mannerisms.

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” Look forward to more deliciously dramatic Lifetime moments when part two airs on Sunday, May 31 at 9 p.m.

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Kelli Garner stars as the titular blonde bombshell, while Susan Sarandon tackles Monroe's mother, Gladys.

That's right: Sarandon and Nicole Kidman both starred in late May Lifetime movies. The first half of the two-part miniseries focused on Monroe's simple upbringing, her tragic relationship with her mentally unstable mother, and how she got her start.

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Diamonds Are Lifetime Movie’s Best Friend While , the costume work was just as impressive.

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