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Your best bet is to download your favourite videos, pack some headphones, and while away the hours on a long journey by filling yourself with arcane knowledge.

Mindsnacks While your i Pad probably isn’t the best tool to teach you to read the works of Baudelaire or Goethe from scratch, it does provide a platform for learner-linguists to grasp the basics of a foreign language.

At the moment, for instance, you can get free podcasts on all sorts of esoteric subjects from Oxford University experts, you can get a free subscription to a comprehensive Yale course on the American Revolution, or you can enjoy a ten-part multimedia course on writing plays from the Open University.

And as soon as people start getting wise to it, the sky is the limit for i Tunes U – a free resource of learning on everything, perhaps.

Any lecturer at any university could upload her course notes for you to read, if she wanted.

Or she could upload them for the benefit of her class alone. Schoolteachers can do just the same, harnessing the capacity of the i Pad to force their lesson plans down their pupils’ throats in all sorts of innovative multimedia ways.

It’s actually quite tricky to find many truly free, truly useful apps in fact, but that’s capitalism for you.i Tunes UThis is the best free education app currently available.

If you laid them all end-to-end, they wouldn’t reach very far, because in physical terms they’re nothing more than electronic patterns on tiny little magnets in your i Pad – but there are still a huge amount with variety to suit every taste.

As you might guess from the title, it’s an app that teaches you about leaves.

That’s not all it does, though; it has a massive database of plants from around the world, with lovely hi-res images of their leaves, branches, fruits, cones, bark and so on, and plenty of written information, too. First of these is the ‘snap’: Leafsnap actually lets you photograph a leaf with the i Pad’s onboard camera, and will then endeavour to identify its species.

TEDThe TED talks (Technology Entertainment and Design) are a must-watch series of in-depth talks given by experts in all sorts of fields imaginable.

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Mere mortals like ourselves are far from able to afford the thousands of dollars required to attend the talks in person, but they’ve been available to view for free since 2006 – amassing more than 500m views. There is plenty of material, anything from tech giants on futurology and social networking to medical researchers discussing cutting-edge surgery techniques.

As a consequence, the first thing I learned is quite how mind-bogglingly huge our galaxy is.

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