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Make a shopping list and then use aggregate shopping sites like Polyvore and Shop Style to search for the specific items you want in the sizes and colors you need, at prices you can afford.

You may even find that multiple sites are selling the same item at different prices.9.

It can take a little time to actually get the gift cards, though, so make plan your shopping accordingly. Just put the item you're interested in into your cart so you don't lose it, and then do a quick Google search for the designer's name and the type of product you are shopping for.

You may find that the amazing deal you thought you were getting isn't actually so great after all. Pay close attention to the stats of the model online, especially if you are more on the petite side.

Start your online shopping Wednesday for the best deals and the largest selections. The next time you see one of those little dialogue boxes asking if you would like to chat with someone at the company, don't just close it.

So let's say someone has a gift card to Express that they don't want.

They sell it to Cardpool for and then Cardpool turns around and sells it to you for .