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Dream figure Experts were sceptical about whether the results reflected reality.Esther Elisabeth Schütz, a clinical sex therapist from near Zurich, said she thought the Swiss may simply have wished to have sex 123 times per year – or two times a week."There are many couples who do it once a month, others who for many months don't have any contact at all...The most modest were the Japanese, where kimonos only come off 48 times a year.Switzerland's score of 123 meant it did better than neighbouring Latin lovers Italy (121), France (120)."This is one of the most surprising results," Miriam Abel, product manager at Durex Switzerland, told and women don't have so much sex [in reality] but they of course dream of having it [at least] once a week," she told swissinfo.But Schütz, who commented on the report for Durex, found it positive that many respondents indicated that sexual wellbeing was very important for their overall health – and by association for their partnerships.

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They thought a bit more fun and romance would not go amiss as well.The Swiss are not shy when it comes to lovemaking – 123 times a year, according to a global sex survey. But some experts have doubts about whether the report reveals what is really going on between the sheets in Switzerland.