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From setting up the credit card reader to Square's flat fee structure, the company markets its approach to credit cards as a way to make the tedious parts of running a business vanish into the background.

The time saved ostensibly allows those businesses to focus on the creative aspects of what they do.

In a marketplace where credit card readers are a commodity, Square clearly sees a need to sell itself not just as a payments platform but as a sensibility.

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All these are ways Square is seeking to set its platform apart from the competition, to make the Square way to pay the most attractive option for businesses.Plentyoffish Media ULC (“Plentyoffish”) is the exclusive owner and operator of and (the “Website”).As used in this Terms of Use Agreement, "we" and "us" means Plentyoffish or any successor, subsidiary, division or assign of Plentyoffish.It keeps its list of restaurants relatively small ("curated," in the parlance of today's startups), local, and relatively high-end—much like the list of businesses Square likes to highlight among its users. Already, Square offers its Market feature, which lets businesses launch online storefronts with product listings generated straight from the inventory in their register apps (though delivery is still the responsibility of the merchants).

More recently, Square launched an app that lets users order ahead at restaurants, taking care of the payment before you even show up.No for PCR (DNA, RNA) lab and Nuclear Medicine45% during Peak Season & 55% during Off-Peak Season on all room types, 15% on dining.

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