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30-Dec-2016 13:39

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(Enjoy one of many breakups, nobody beats the wiz.)Co-stanza!

Speaking of catchphrases, George attempts to leave a lasting memory by saying "Costanza" in the same tone as the "By Mennen" jingle.

We've also noted what season and episode each quote is from, just in case you want to watch the entire episode.

From "shrinkage" to "jerk store", these truly are the funniest George Costanza lines of all time.

They let us know that the jerk-store wasn't a real comeback, taught us manners regarding a double-dipped chip and taught us that we didn't have to celebrate Christmas, Chanukah or Kwanza for Festivus was for the rest of us.

But the show's real brilliance was in how it treated the relationships of four uptight, self-centered New Yorkers trying to find one person who is just good enough for them.

Here are the top twenty "I'm not the one going to hell." Despite nearly scaring a priest to death as a New Jersey Devils fan, David Puddy is, indeed, a Christian, much to Elaine's chagrin. Rather than leaving well enough alone, Jerry had to know if his lady's were real. (A little background from this video): Abstinence makes George smarter.

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David spun everyday that-happened-to-me-isms into one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time.He also introduces the technique of leaving something behind as an excuse to see someone again.

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