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02-Feb-2017 05:41

James Gunn, who is a director, he’s come on our show a whole bunch of times, love him.

I don’t think I could pick a favorite; there have been so many people. That’s what I like to see, people who come on who are real, not all Hollywood, that are just real people that are down-to-earth that will shoot the shit with you, and he’s one of those guys. Sometimes it can be like pulling teeth just because they’re not used to it. I love “The Walking Dead.” We’ve had him on a bunch; he was also on Comic-Con.

I don’t know that they’re comedians, but it would be fun to have them come on.

I don’t know; to me I don’t care a lot as long as they’re a nice person and they are fun to work with. Yeah, and now she’s on “Dexter.” She came on and just had a great time with her.

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It was funny, and so I’m excited to host again with him. Have Ben Lyons — who is a friend — Damien Fahey; they’re hosts.

Though she is an actress and model, she also is a former Junior Olympic gymnast.

Exploring her personal life, she is currently single.

She once was a married but her marital relation didn't work so well so she decided to get separated with her husband. Prior to her marriage, she had dated a guy but except him, there is no any information regarding her past affairs.

To check out her jaw dropping images we can check out her Instagram @https://instagram.com/candacebailey/? The interest in glamor world appeared in her early age.