Gender role identity and dating behavior what is the relationship catherine hardwicke says kristen rob dating

01-Aug-2017 04:04

ABSTRACT - This paper presents a conceptual framework that proposes gender identity and culture as variables that impact on the success of a relationship marketing strategy when dealing with business-to-consumer relations.

A number of authors have suggested that firms should adopt both transactional and relational strategies for different customers (Berry 1995; Anderson and Narus 1991).

But in what circumstances is this most likely to be a viable form of advantage?

What consumers would be more likely to want to engage in a relationship with a marketer?

Similarly, most research in consumer relationship marketing is based on theoretical frameworks developed in western cultures, primarily the U. It is quite possible that the benefits received, or their importance, in firm-consumer relationships may be very different when considered in other cultural contexts.

This paper fills a gap in the current thinking about how to identify consumers who are more likely to engage in relational behavior by considering these missing links.

RELATIONSHIP MARKETING Relationship marketing is a term that has been defined in various ways by various authors.

This approach would indicate segmentation based on a relational/transactional continuum.