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I also realize that some of the amazing benefits of being an older parent are 1) I am a lot more patient than I would have been when I was younger. What, when, where & how did they navigate parenthood? All these sweet little girl moments and even the crazy making ones will be gone!!!! I have learned that I have to slow down and appreciate that my daughter still needs me, still wants me to help her negotiate everything in her life. Be it a problem with sand in her shoes, the potty, teeth brushing or ask me literally a zillion questions after she has seen a new kids TV show… It has saved me so many struggles and a lot of worry… This was taught to me and now I am sharing it with you.

2) I get to be like a sponge & LEARN from all my friends who are my age…. Yes, I know new big girl/ teenage/ grown up moments will all come and take their place but these precious/exhausting times will be gone. Or make me do voices for all 9 dolls or play princess/doctor/kitty dress up for 1hr while I have a headache at the end of a long day!!!!! There will come a time when she does not need or want me!!! Raise children who don’t need us so much, who can make that big important decision for themselves ( Yes! (*insert tear here) or who can go against the peer pressure if she feels it isn’t right for her. Both my daughter and I know what to expect at meal time. My daughter eats green beans, asparagus, brussels sprouts, broccoli, collard greens, spinach, raw beets etc…

Ok, so by this time everyone knows I am an actress and also an older parent….. Sometimes I regret waiting so long to have a child but, I don’t make the rules. (I hear they can be pretty scary but, if I know this ahead of time, then I know it’s not just my kid who becomes a psycho and I can be more prepared! ” I mean when I was a new parent I was like “Fine, fine, FINE! It goes fast.” I am sleep deprived and exhausted, this is tough. Speaking like they do, and wearing make up and THOSE clothes!! And here is my reasoning: Many of the old princess stories emphasize beauty, wardrobe and much too much emphasis on how you look on the outside! It was as if I had been bitten by the princess bug too!!! We were invited to a party and low and behold, it was, you guessed it,, a princess themed party… I realized this anti-princess battle was not going to be won by me….. I was a tomboy remember,, a scrapper,,, & in all honesty, I loved to win!!! After many hours of analyzing my options…, I realized most often the princesses started in non-fancy clothes, had to deal with a lot of adversity, and in the end they always came out on top. Being a princess is all about how you behave and how you are on the INSIDE! At the dinner table, in the car, before bed, potty time. She would sit still,, she would use her napkin,, she would share. ” It apparently was SO important she said it again for which I was very very thankful. I have also read that it is healthier to eat smaller meals more often throughout the day… Of course if she didn’t eat I moved up the next mealtime a little. The other thing I learned was to course the meal out: First, I served the vegetable. If she doesn’t want to eat what I have made, she does not have to. If my daughter consistently hated something after 10 times I would remove it from the menu but try to make up the vitamins with some other kind of food….

And as an older parent I admit, I am A LOT more tired! The universe decided it was going to take me a while to get to be a mom! I start missing my daughter’s toddler years already!!!!! I go home and I know that I will not always have to deal with the not-able-to-wear-a-princess-dress-in-a- rainstorm drama, or have that little body to cuddle or gently (or not so gently) plop into my lap during dinner time. This to me was a recipe for shallow thinking and way to many opportunities for me to squander my money on accessories. She wasn’t so little anymore and she heard princess stories EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! I thought to myself, “Okay, I’ll just dabble a little. I’ll balance it with a little bit of doctor dress-up and superhero dress-up. With a real live human princess dressed in all the sparkle and flowery regalia that they wear!!! Seriously, she walked around like a dazed zombie just staring at this princess adoring her from afar because she was too shy to go up close. They may not have looked like princesses on the outside but inside their behavior was totally princess like… I wasn’t really sure what she meant by this but, I do remember watching moms over the years trying to get their children to eat and how the children really, really, really enjoyed saying NO. Honestly in the beginning it was a complete learning experience for me too, I realized that I was measuring my worth as a mother by whether my child ate or not.

They have been together for a very long time, to be precise almost two decades.

But despite being in a live-in relationship and having a child, the pair has not married yet. The ‘Switched at Birth’ star shares a strong bond with her to-be husband and the lover duo does not seem to be in any hurry to tie the knot right away.

The actress, who belongs to Mexican-American ethnicity, has remained very tightlipped regarding her personal life and does not seem to have any plans to getting married yet.

The couple has not revealed any plans of having more children in future as the actress of American nationality is busy working on the ABC family drama Switched at Birth, where she plays the role of Regina Vasquez.

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She actively promotes the hit series on Instagram and Twitter.Her dream of becoming a mother finally came true, but it took 3.5 years.