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09-Sep-2016 21:23

Little did I know just how much of an impact they were going to have on my life.

Watching that video awoke something in me, something I wasn’t fully aware of yet.

You know, when you feel just so deflated, absolutely deflated.

It was like you had just lost part of you, like a death.

While it may have just been a celebrity crush, she gave me the confidence and courage to be myself, unabashedly explore my sexual being, and do it all while exuding girl power.

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The video was for the song “Wannabe,” the Spice Girls’ debut release in North America.I saw myself in her: the firecracker, the loud mouth, and the flamboyant dresser.

I don’t have any hidden talents unless eating an entire box of Kraft Mac and Cheese counts.… continue reading »

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The pay-what-you-want dating sim follows a family of gay orcs who are migrating from the orcish assembly to the Highlands of Scotland, forming bonds and relationships with a cast of queer characters in the process.… continue reading »

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The right combination to fulfill your fresh and old desires over and over again.… continue reading »

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