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24-Nov-2017 02:12

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A counselor advised that if I meet someone special, I should wait six months to introduce him to the boys.

My thought was to wait until after the one-year anniversary of my late husband’s death to say that I am dating — let them get used to that — and then later introduce.

You’re committing one of the most serious emotional crimes there is: Cheating? Threat to life and limb aside, I can’t think of anything worse than living with someone who doesn’t really want me there.

Because there’s such a large gap between what suits you and what you actually do, and between what decency demands and what you actually do, please give a hard think to counseling.

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I do think, though, your announcement plans come from too adult a perspective.Adults tend to want information straight up, with time to adjust. Kids, though, often aren’t far enough along in their understanding to process a full information drop.

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Also, Dylan reminded Norman of how he tried to kill him the other night, but Norman had no recollection of their fight.… continue reading »

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