Hiv positive dating chicago

16-May-2017 08:55

I learned what the virus was and the societal stress that comes with being HIV-positive.For the first few months I didn’t participate in the support groups.My first five years in Chicago were hard—and the worst years of my life.

I learned I wasn’t the only person in the closet, and there were many people in similar situations around the world. I didn’t know what to do, how to feel or who I could tell. I knew I couldn’t deal with this myself and confided in one of my sisters. While she comforted me as I was crying, I told her I tested positive for HIV and am gay. I had never felt so free — for once in my life, I had the acceptance I had been seeking for years.After searching for acceptance, I finally found it through strangers. I had found a piece of me that I wanted to protect: my identity as a young, Mexican, gay man. Luckily, that staff member was there to provide me with support and a much-needed hug. I was able to use that strength as motivation, and I pulled myself together.After meeting in person with some of the people I communicated with online, we would eventually become sexually active. Two weeks before my senior prom, I came down with flu and was so ill I told my prom date I may not be able to go. But, we both decided to get tested, because we were both concerned about potential STIs. I still remember that supportive hug: their arms tight around me, assuring me everything would be okay. I did it—I finally shared my identity with someone I was close with.San Luis San Pedro, Guerrero, is a beautiful small town; I remember running free, eating delicious mangoes, enjoying warm winters, spending my free time at the nearby river and taking trips to the beaches.

I remember leaving a childhood where I knew who I was and where nature was my friend. As an adult, I understand the struggle that my parents underwent. My dad’s back-breaking labor on a daily basis to put food on the table.They sat down next to me and, with a calm voice, informed me I tested positive. I’m not saying that my circumstances were the hardest or most unique.

There is even “multichat” options which means you can talk with a few people at the same time, this definitely makes things quicker and it means that you can quickly skip time wasters.… continue reading »

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