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[Medical News Today Sept 15, 2014] As technologically advanced as PET scans are, they underestimate the prevalence of brown fat because they only measure activated brown fat.

It is also considered “a powerful therapeutic avenue to ameliorate high cholesterol and protect from arterial disease.” [Nature Communications March 2015] The renewed scientific interest in heat-generating brown fat is due to the relatively recent recognition that humans have an abundant amount of this fat.This body core temperature difference would account for the accumulation of ~4.4 lbs. [Chronobiology International 2015] Just a few pounds of weight difference in a year between those who have activated brown fat in their body and others who do not may sound almost trivial to a person who is 50, 75, even 100 pounds overweight.However, in one study it was determined that brown fat activity explains 64% of the variance in body mass and 60% of the variance in body fat from individual to individual. In one study only 3 out of 15 morbidly obese subjects exhibited cold-temperature induced brown fat activity [PLo S One Feb 24, 2011] The current turn away from fat phobia and towards avoidance of refined sugars and carbohydrate intake (bread, rice, pasta) is now well substantiated to produce leaner and healthier humans.Cold-activated brown fat was detected in 41% of subjects with the brown fat-positive group being younger and leaner.

Brown fat decreased with advancing age, being more than 50% in the 20s but less than 10% in the 50s and 60s.

A previously overlooked type of fat in the body that generates heat and is associated with leanness is now being avidly investigated.

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