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And of course, the worry is that no answer at this point can be ever be correct again.

Post-modernists could have saved the terrorists the worry from the get-go, however, noting with wry consternation that reality's been slipping away since 1917, and letting it go altogether is no great loss.

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We worried the internet was going to explode and cripple the world.

ALL REAL AND NO IMIGINARY OR SYMBOLIC MAKES JACK A HOMICIDAL BOY To most westerners, 'thou shalt not kill or steal' are the only commandments worth fussing over. We here in the USA, we who seem never more than a swing state away from The Handmaid's Tale, we know best?

Adultery, lying to your parents, bowing down to graven images: these are negligible sins at best, their potential for evil dispelled most often with a simple apology. The bottom line is, if you believe in your religion, how zealously do you cling to its tenets?

Its initial release date, lest we forget, was the height of internet growth, right before the bubble burst; it was to us what 1928 was to capitalism.

Virtual reality was just beginning to figure itself out and William Gibson cyberpunk adaptations or offshoot homages were popping off right and left: Donnie Mnemonic, Strange Days, New Rose Hotel.For examples of the way popular art (imaginary) usurps reality via the news (symbolic) consider: the storm of bad press over the all-white 2014 Oscar noms; the storm of pro-and-anti-American Sniper sentiment; the sheer weirdness of North Korea's cyber-attack on Sony, over The Interview; the "Je suis Charlie" bloodbath.