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A Topical Rant was released along with the first episode of the reboot.

In it, Foamy blasts Hollywood for its many unsuccessful reboots but points out that reboots can work when done right.

The apparent continued focus on other characters in the series was also quickly dropped, leaving only more known series regulars such as Pilz-e and Begely.

However, on September 10, 2015, Mathers uploaded a new cartoon, revealing that Germaine had suffered a mental breakdown.

In 2009, Mathers began hosting all of the Neurotically Yours webtoons exclusively on You Tube and Newgrounds.

Two reasons provided for the change-over included poor quality copies being made and distributed without credit to Mathers.

However, in later episodes, Germaine discusses the idea of clothing being used to objectify women and expresses dismay with this trend, though it eventually becomes part of her character. After a journey of self-discovery, Germaine eventually ends up in the same general cycle she was in before.

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A new episode of Neurotically Yours is posted approximately once every two weeks.

The squirrel states that the creator will focus his efforts on only one web-series.

It will be "a bit shinier" in style, although Foamy "will still be ticked off" and Germaine "will still be jiggly".

Neurotically Yours is a comic book and webtoon created by Jonathan Ian Mathers.

Both depict a goth girl named Germaine and her neurotic pet squirrel, Foamy.The episode picks up six months after the previous one, and the new cartoon showed her meeting Foamy outside a mental hospital in New York City, and it was revealed that much of the sexual content shown in past cartoons had actually been a series of hallucinations by Germaine.

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