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29-Jul-2017 03:38

Shruti's father and brother are initially furious but then approve and tell them they will be sending a car to pick them up from the hotel.During the car ride, the couple are ambushed by Shruti's brother and his hired goons, who beat them up in a graphic scene with hockey sticks, and then brutally cut their bodies using an axe, burying the dismembered parts under a railway culvert.The short clip that has surfaced on the internet sees Vin thanking his fans for showing 'x Xx' so much support. Thank you so much for showing x Xx so much support. Both Vin and Deepika are twinning with their outfits in the video. Caruso and his leading cast also joined Deepika on the red carpet as they posed together for pictures.

India does not officially report box-office figures but according to estimates, so far, the highest opening weekend for any Hollywood film in the country was recorded by another Vin Diesel title, 2015'son more screens, at about 2,800. If the earlier ethnic-modern look was demure yet snazzy, the next avatar is sizzling, sultry and super snazzy! (ALSO SEE Deepika Padukone at x Xx: Return Of Xander Cage Mumbai premiere stuns us with her traditional-meets-contemporary avatar!) Ringing in a golden vibe, Deepika stepped into a vintage full sleeved golden, shimmery Naeem Khan gown with a dangerous plunge that traversed all the way to her abdomen.But trust the fashionista to notch up the glamour quotient endlessly.

Known for her sartorial style of power dressing, Deepika in tandem with her insanely talented and enviable glam squad of stylists Shaleena Nathani, Elizabeth Saltzman and Daniel Bauer unleashed their promotional style prowess and astounded us with yet another lissome avatar.

During auditions, he falls in love with the young woman he picks to be the leading actress, Shruti.