Invalid status for updating properties updating data using linq

10-Jan-2017 22:25

Your subscription includes a resource policy that prevents an action you are trying to perform during deployment. If possible, modify your deployment to meet the limitations from the policy.The deployment is attempting to create resources that exceed the quota for the subscription, resource group, or region.If possible, revise your infrastructure to stay within the quotas.When you encounter an error during deployment, Resource Manager returns an error code.Subversive plug-in provides access to Subversion repositories from the Eclipse workbench.Subversive is designed to be used as a full-featured SVN client, so you can update, commit, merge changes, work with SVN properties, view change history and perform other operations with SVN directly from the Eclipse environment.Subversive evolves together with the Subversion project to provide Eclipse users with the features that appeared in new versions of the SVN implementation.You can use the new SVN functionality in Eclipse by installing the Early Access version of Subversive.

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If not specified, the default value of Tomcat will always add an expires parameter to a Set Cookie header even for cookies with version greater than zero.

Subversive includes several features that extend functionality of the standard SVN client.

In particular, Subversive can show the SVN repository content grouped by the logical structures of trunk, branch and tag and display changes on a visual revisions graph.

action to be previously "introduced" to the JSP processor, as specified in the chapter JSP.5.3 of JSP 2.0 and later specifications, is enforced.

If not specified, the specification compliant default of , custom HTTP status messages will be used within HTTP headers.This is to work around a known IE6 and IE7 bug that causes IE to ignore the Max-Age parameter in a Set Cookie header.

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