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17-Sep-2017 10:52

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Eventually he found a good management job working in a strong local industry and I then watched him start an elaborate dance to dodge his family’s questions of settling down; now he was employed and establishing himself, it was natural for him to take a wife.

In fact, soon it became a matter of general comment, his stubborn insistence on staying single.

In those days, my mother insisted on following the letter of the law, so anxious was she about this new Islamic society from which she had fled for her life, and she would not let me go out alone with S, not even to post a letter.

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Rafsanjani was president and society was drab, drained of money and in mourning for the estimated million souls lost in the war, including many young soldiers.He had been posted there for his National Service and I had come from London for my annual visit to my roots.

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