Is john krasinski dating jenna fischer

21-Apr-2017 08:14

I also love getting notes from people who have named their pets after characters on the show.

People have told me they have a dog named Beesley or a cat named Halpert.

Though it would be ideal to have this sweet, adorable couple date in real life, Jenna Fisher made it clear that they were just work spouses.

The Jenna Fisher-John Krasinski duo would not really work in the real world.

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John Krasinski is currently married to Emily Blunt.We’re so fond of one another and we genuinely care for one another, not just the cast, but the crew that we work with as well.I think everyone was in an especially good mood because we were just trying to make the most of every moment.”On her favorite thing about playing one half of TV’s sweetest couple.“I love getting letters and hearing stories from people about how they met their true love at work and how Jim and Pam reminded them of that.While their real life partners are busy with work, John Krasinsky and Jenna Fisher are also taking matters into their hands—separately.

Jenna Fisher has been involved in the TV series, was written by Elizabeth Sarnoff and was directed by Jeff Probst.Fischer, 39, talked to PARADE about her favorite memories and more.