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20-Nov-2017 07:04

The country's giving the It girls in the US a run for their money, and the bloggers who live there have Instagram feeds that'll blow you away.

Many of the up-and-coming writers, market directors, and stylists we rounded up hail from Tel Aviv, a metropolitan area filled with power women on the go.

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Does the nationality of the attacker matter for anything other than click bait, not to mention race-baiting?Walla’s article doesn’t stray too far from the racist, Jim Crow-era construction of the black man as what scholar Christopher J.Metzler calls a “hyper-sexual brute with an insatiable lust for white women.” In fact, Walla’s article only perpetuates the trope according to which white, Jewish women are always in danger of being attacked by the savage brown or black man.An Israeli news site runs a piece about Palestinian men sexually assaulting Israeli women at the beach, begging the question: why is this particular story newsworthy when stories about Jewish men assaulting Jewish women rarely are?

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Palestinians from the West Bank enjoy the Mediterranean Sea on the last day of the Eid al-Fitr holiday, Tel Aviv, August 11, 2013.This, of course, does no favors to women, and leaves the reader with only two conclusions: Palestinian men must be feared, and Jewish women are the sole property of Jewish men.