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14-Jul-2016 00:28

Before travelling to the country Chami, who had recently lost her mother to cancer, wrote on Facebook: 'Hopefully we will have fun [in Turkey], worst case scenario is that I will die in a blast and follow my mum.' Heartbreaking new images have emerged of revellers gunned down by an ISIS fanatic in an exclusive Istanbul nightclub as they celebrated New Year's Turkish.One of the victims was young fashion designer from India called Khushi Shah Among the dead were Abis Rizvi, 49, a Mumbai Bollywood producer who was in the midst of making his second film, and Khushi Shah, a fashion designer in her 20s from Vadodara, a city in the western Indian state of Gujarat.

'It’s not just about access to refuges depending on where you live, but there are different police responses, there will be a different level of certainty about whether you’ll ever get justice and/or support; and the Istanbul Convention gives a real opportunity to implement a baseline for what we legally tolerate in this country for those victims.Eighteen countries have already ratified it, including some with shaky records on women’s rights, such as Turkey and Poland. If it goes through the protection offered to women and girls will be unprecedented.If you are a survivor of gender-based violence, you will know that the assistance you get is based on which postcode you live in.Female security guard Hatice Karcilar also lost her life in the atrocity.

The mother of a three-year-old child had also reportedly survived last month's bombing attack, and had posted pictures of herself on social media kissing the Turkish flag. As the killer made his way inside the club, he fired indiscriminately as he reportedly screamed 'Allahu Akhbar', gunning down Rita Chami, 26, daughter of a prominent Lebanese businessman.

I met them at the Bill’s launch event in Westminster to discuss the importance of getting this legislation through.

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