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During this encounter, the Doctor was quickly impressed with Martha's reasoning and intelligence, such as when she deduced that opening the windows wouldn't result in the air being sucked out; it would've happened already anyway if it were going to happen at all as the windows weren't airtight.

Despite listening to his heartbeat, however, Martha was sceptical about him being an alien, until the Judoon's scanners confirmed that he wasn't human.

When she was a child, Leo pushed Martha off the swing and broke her arm.

Going in the ambulance and having her arm plastered fascinated her, which was when she decided she wanted to become a doctor.

(TV: Last of the Time Lords, Reset, et al.) Martha also went onto marry Mickey Smith, and the two broke out on their own to become alien fighters despite having ties to Torchwood from two different Earths.

She encountered the Doctor again before he regenerated, saving her life one more time.

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Calm while those around her panicked, Martha worked with the Doctor to track down the Plasmavore, "Florence Finnegan", for whom the Judoon were searching.(PROSE: The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage) Martha had three trumpet lessons in Year 6 of primary school.

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