Listbox not updating updating a mac g3

29-Jan-2017 18:20

Similar to @Blam, I suspect that the Has Information implementation in the IItem interface does not implement INotify Property Changed.

Just because you use an Observable Collection does not mean that when a property in a contained item changes that the List Box or other elements will get notified.

@cdata I'd like to pursue a fix in this general direction, but wanted to flag this in case you had other suggestions. I think it’s reasonable to at least provide a reference implementation for how to do that, so I’ve taken a shot here: It’s unfortunate to not fix the underlying problem, but would such a workaround be acceptable? Unfortunately there are more dropdown related issues affecting us.

Pressing the second button will insert the new item before the currently selected item.

Do I get the parent container of class List Ctrl and tell it to replace the entire class List Ctrl with a "new Class List Ctrl"? This seems like it should be easy, but hasn't been so far! This is a work in progress, but the function on Select Order Type() shows how to dynamically update a listbox.

Basically, each of the templates in the list returned by the XHR contains an attribute 'afts' which is an array of items (second listbox) related to the order type (first listbox).

The Listbox (interface macro) is currently populated statically when sourcing values through a Connected tool. When I use the macro in a workflow the LIstbox values are not updated when the fields in the connected tool are changed.

This practically limits my capabilities to build a truely dynamic macro/app.We are interested in moving back to Polymer's dropdowns again in the future.

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