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16-Apr-2017 10:08

“You know, this guy has some valid points, although some parts are a little extreme,” I said.

All the staff members present were women – most of them university students, some older women – and they started warily eyeing each other as I talked.

I read a little bit of by Warren Farrell, and I adopted this rhetorical trick many men’s rights activists employ: “I’m not a feminist and I’m not a men’s rights activist,” I would say.

“I’m an egalitarian.” I didn’t encounter the term “men’s rights” until 2005, right before social media really took off.

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Their wives, meanwhile, are these enlightened women who have to endure their idiot husbands.The idea was this would increase the literacy of the staff so we could all sell books more effectively, so I came back a week later and told them about .