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born April 4, 1980 in Seoul, South Korea, is a popular actress. Hope to see you in other projects and see the best of you. Really lucky one ................................................................ Thank You is also not bad but I still treasure Master's Sun. Yes, she is normal in appearance, but her charm is something I cannot resist. i hope u and so ji sub will be a real couple x D just ignore all this loser-haters Loving all your dramas!! i kept wanting to watch ur dramas so i watched the greatest love which made me cry by the way... and i just finished watching pasta ^^ hahahahah i cant stop laughing... and so ji sub is very handsomen man and so ji sub is a kind man.. gong hyo jin and so ji sub is the best,very the best couple of this yea and eternalt best couple.. I believe in PASTA if not because of you it will be boring, but you did a great job...amazing!!!! kiss you annyong unni :)) your a great actress and im a big fan of yours..hoping to see you soon ..

She first became interested in fashion design while in her teens and flew to Australia with her mother and brother to pursue that goal. I never thought I would like so much a korean actress, next to Kim Ha Neul or Kim Tae Hee. Go Gong Lovely Go I love you GHJ, you proved again in THE MASTER'S SUN how excellent and superb actress you are. Continue stunning, stay humble and simple because you are perfect. u seem to have a natural way of captivating ur audience.. when u and the chef giggle it seemed so natural and it was very catching that i giggle by myself... she have inner beauty and she is so very friendly.. i think so ji sub will be good husband for gong hyo jin.. and now in TMS..WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, you and So Ji Sub so awesome. Youhad excellent acting in have a very kindly face and eyes and I think that you are really kind you cry in "Thank you" I cry. maybe 2years from now..promise to go in south korea just to see you..i dont know what to say.. sarangheo unni :-* anyeong unni :) I'm Yarie from Philippines.

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she is really cute girl actually and her acting is honest also... Not to mention that they are both really nice looking, lol. Loving her and the chemistry between the lead in Master's Sun!! It will hit you slowly, and you'll fall just like her co-stars do. It's amazing how you could turn yourself into another person when you act.

The treasure of this actress is in both her versitility and the believability that she infuses into her characters. As you can see, the real hyo jin is quite edgy and eccentric in terms of her fashion, but when she acts she could be anyone and portray it well, be funny. I hope I'll be able to watch all of her dramas and films.

Unnie please play a movie with Kang Dong Won oppa next year, you both so Brilliant & Superb... The first time I saw her, I thought she was beautiful even though some may consider her "plain-looking" which is? gong hyo jin ssi and so ji sub ssi please to be a real couple.. i love sogong couple....DATING please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you both have good chemistry and you both looks adorable together.. I'm gonna repeat it for the nth time now because It's definitely worth rewatching. I have been the fans of GHJ just a few months ago when seeing The Greatest Love re-run.Life's greatest treasures are ultimately it's most simple and close to the heart.

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