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26-Jul-2017 04:43

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Since Marsha left there has been a lot to do behind the scenes, legalities, unwrapping the red tape that had built up over the years of major label bloated ego management involvement.I had to rescue the brand from misuse and I had to rescue myself from being sacrificed.I know you’ve been asked this question a million times already. I took a stance six years ago when both management and label were attempting to corrupt Floetry to make it more mainstream.I was asked to ‘dumb my lyrics down’ and that’s a direct quote.

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I remember with a full heart my 20s and the many coming of age experiences I had during that time. At this point, we represent two completely different paths in creativity; one a mainstream pursuit, one an independent journey.Those times inspire me and give me the foundation to continue to build upon. One venturing further from the floetic ethos and responsibilities of an artist who represents her community.