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The pair briefly split last June but later reconciled.Parker, 43, and Morgan, 41, announced their engagement earlier this year.Parker began dating singer Charlie Mars in 2009 after attending one of his shows and even appeared in his video, "Listen to the Darkside." "It was at the Soho House in New York," she said."I just met him briefly that night—a bunch of people went to dinner after, and I just talked to him briefly, then he called maybe a month-and-a-half later and asked if I wanted to be in his video." will be published by Simon & Schuster imprint Scribner.Parker met Morgan on the set of and the couple began dating in December 2006 but broke up soon after.“We’re not together anymore,” Morgan told People magazine. Wrong time in both our lives.” However, Parker and Morgan rekindled their love and became engaged in February 2008, only to break up again in April.When Parker first met the accountant, she had no understanding of her financial life, and she explained to Mason, "He had to explain to me that I was broke. I didn't know that I was broke, which is not that astonishing if you knew me at 23."One letter in the book, "Dear Cerberus," is addressed to a three-headed monster of beastly ex-boyfriends."You were the worst of those I called darling," she writes.

It would be like blue trying to describe the ocean."Parker told Mason, "He gave me so much support and was so excited about my work and so understood it that I never really needed it from anyone else.

It almost felt like when he died that I was, you know, on stage and the whole audience got up and left is what it felt like."In "Dear Mr.